Every time I read a questionnaire from clients after their boudoir experience, my heart swells with love for the incredible woman I just saw transform right before my eyes. To hear how this experience has impacted the way they feel about themselves, their body and their life, is truly an honor. 

Read about how Danielle’s session helped her to appreciate her body more!

What was your #1 motivator to book your experience?

My number 1 motivator was to see myself in a different way. I haven’t appreciated in a long time.

Growing up I played sports so I was very muscular and did not like my body. After my mother passed when I was 16- I lost 40 lbs from stress. That put me under 100lbs. Still didn’t like my body. Sadly, I had a pregnancy result in a stillborn and felt as though my body ultimately BETRAYED me. Have hated my body ever since. One day I was thinking I needed to do something for me- because I always was doing for others. I have been in therapy for a while now- but I needed to see my body differently. My body may have failed to bring my daughter to this earth, but my body didn’t fail me bringing my son to the world. The whole experience made me truly appreciate my body more. It is not perfect- but my body helps me provide for my family and brought me my greatest gift- my son. I’ve been more gentle with myself and put a little more effort in to getting ready daily. Not for anyone in particular… for me!

What was your biggest fear before booking your session? Did it come true? If not, what happened instead?

I was TERRIFIED i would bail last minute- and i almost did. I’m so glad I didn’t. Everything was super relaxed and chill. Barely noticed I was walking around almost completely Nakey.

What specifically was your favorite part of the experience, and why? Could we have changed anything?

The whole day. From start to finish. I never do anything for me, or get time to myself. It truly was an amazing experience.

Anything else you’d like to add?

thank you for making me feel beautiful and for showing me I’m beautiful- despite all the flaws.

If you’re ready to book your own boudoir experience, we’d love to chat with you and help you regain your confidence! Send us a message here, we can’t wait to work with you!

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