It’s been a long time since we’ve had a couple in for a couples boudoir session, and it was such a treat to have a returning client bring her husband in to capture their love.  Something I love about working with couple’s is being able to witness their love and connection, working with two people and their energy just hits different. Capturing it on camera and telling their story is an entirely different and beautiful experience, and it was such an honor to capture Lori and Bryan together as they celebrated 10 years of marriage. 

Read about their couples boudoir experience below and scroll down for some spicy photos! Just be warned, these are NOT safe for work 😉

What was your #1 motivator to book your experience?

Since I knew what to expect doing a shoot myself before-I knew what positive vibes come out of it and I could not wait to share that experience with my husband and to celebrate 10 years of marriage. The confidence boost seeing yourself in that way is so amazing and truly can’t be put into words.

It was such a different experience than last time. I really liked the “freeness” if you will having Bryan there and letting Taylor just let us be who we are while she captured it. I definitely felt more confident doing it my second time and having my best friend/husband do it with me. We had never done anything like this. I was more nervous for him. When we came home he said he would definitely do another one with me!

What was your biggest fear before booking your session? Did it come true? If not, what happened instead?

I had no fears this time-just pure excitement! I’m so confident in the love that Bryan & I have (and Taylor’s magic behind the camera) that I knew they were going to be killer photos.

What specifically was your favorite part of the experience, and why? Could we have changed anything?

My favorite experience was doing this to celebrate love and have the pictures for a lifetime. I mean of course-what girl doesn’t like getting her hair and make up done and feeling confident to get some sexy pictures with her man for them to enjoy together?! Positive experience from start to finish.

Describe your relationship

Lori: He is my best friend. My rock. My soulmate. The only person I can truly be 100% myself around. Even if I want to be mad at him-he puts

a smile on my face. We are complete opposites but it totally works for us.

Bryan: She is my best friend. I can fully depend on her. I would do anything to see her smile and make her happy. I strive to be a better man for her.

What did this experience do for your relationship if anything?

It definitely made us feel our love and gave us a day to truly just focus on us two. Being together for almost 16 years, having a son. AND having a business together it’s easy to get caught up in day to day life. I loved just kissing on him and being intimate all day. It brought out our connection. Even when you asked us a few questions in the studio, it gave me butterflies to hear Bryan’s answers. Now we will forever have these photos to cherish…even when we are old and wrinkly. LOL We will definitely come back for another session at some point!!

Ready to tell your love story and preserve it for the test of time? Let’s get you lovebirds in here!  Send us a message here, we can’t wait to work with you!

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