Boudoir photos can be the prefect gift for that special someone! Katie wanted to do something special for her husband and their one year anniversary. She was nervous at first but realized a boudoir experience was a gift for herself too! 

Read more about her experience below…

 What was your #1 motivator to book your experience?

For my husband and our one year anniversary.

I have always been a thicker girl and I don’t have confidence in myself or body. Thankfully my husband does and thinks I’m a goddess. Ultimately did this for him but during the shoot, and after looking at the raw, and even more so edited, photos I absolutely feel empowered and confident! I would definitely do this again! 

What was your biggest fear before booking your session? Did it come true? If not, what happened instead?

Having the right lingerie, not looking stupid in pictures, just feeling natural and comfortable. Not at all! Yes I was nervous in the beginning but Taylor was great with posing, working through what to expect, and making the nerves go away and start to get in tune with my body!

What specifically was your favorite part of the experience, and why? Could we have changed anything?

Honestly the entire process from the morning of to getting my finished photographs! Just being able to feel beautiful and confident in myself and go , “Wow! That is me! My husband is going to LOVE these!”

Are you ready to feel confident in your own skin?Let’s make it happen! Contact us here, so we can get your boudoir experience booked!

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