“I love the artistic feel and show of a woman’s body. Our bodies posses so much power and strength and can grow a baby. Like super powers for real. Our bodies change so much and so many things can do that. Diet, kiddos, disease, etc. And women are so strong. I know we tend to under estimate ourselves. I shouldn’t dislike my scar. It safely got my boys here. I will show her some more love ❤️” 

– B 

I’ve been longing to shoot the female form in this way for such a long time. 

Raw. Natural. Classic. Powerful. 

No retouching, no fine tuning. Showing my clients as the masterpieces they truly are. 

I was so blessed to be able to work with a past client to bring this vision to life and to hold space for her to truly honor her body after years of feeling at war with it. Her words above tell her story and the story of many women, so beautifully. 

As women, the story we’ve been told is to hate our bodies, to feel shame around them. We’re told we have to look a certain way and our body serves a certain purpose. When our bodies change, so often does our worth. We go about our lives feeling lost, broken and powerless. 

By working together, I want to help you begin to rewrite that story. To replace the words of doubt and shame, with words of love, joy, and admiration. It’s my mission to help you see yourself in a way that you never have before, so you can begin to show up confidently and live fearlessly. 

So with that, I leave my hope for you <3


I hope you learn to feel at home in your body.
I hope you stop criticizing and start honoring this glorious temple that is the home for your soul.
I hope you know that your body is worthy of love, respect, kindness, compassion, pleasure and goodness regardless of what it looks like.
I hope you begin to let your walls down so you can stop being at war with yourself.
I hope you feel the love that lives within you and is always available anytime you need it.


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