Celebrating My 29th birthday and meeting my inner child

Yesterday I celebrated another trip around the sun for my 29th birthday.

As I take a moment to reflect, I can’t help but keep coming back to this little girl. this little girl who I hid behind closed doors because I was too afraid to open them and see the pain I’d been avoiding for my entire life.

I was afraid to look at her, to acknowledge her because I didn’t want to feel whatever it was that she was feeling.

Anger, rage, grief, loss.

For all of the times she’d been abandoned and let down.

For being neglected when all she desperately wanted was love and attention. 

For having to grow up too soon in a world she wasn’t yet capable to understand. 

For not knowing how to process the confusion, loss and heartache that came with her entire life being uprooted at 7 when she was put in foster care.

I look at this little Taylor, this spunky ball of sunshine who went through some dark shit but kept on smiling. I see a resilient and strong tiny person who didn’t let the darkness of the world take away her light (even though it got pretty dim at times).

For my entire life, I didn’t know how to hold those feelings on my own, I didn’t know how to hold her.

This last year has been a journey of deep remembering and coming home to myself, which is honestly, my proudest achievement and the greatest gift I’ve ever given to myself.

With each emotion I allow myself to feel, I release the pain, trauma, and sadness that’s keeping my tethered to the shell of the human I once was. With each release, I get closer to returning back to my true self-to my radiance, my joy, my aliveness, my power.

Through this journey, I’ve learned how to show up for my inner child more. To give her the things she always wanted-love, safety, acceptance, belonging. I’ve shown up in ways that would amaze her and make her proud, I’m becoming the person she always wanted and needed.

I have so much to be grateful for this year, I’m healing, I’m growing, I’m finally really living and loving.

I can’t wait to see what expansion and beauty the last year of my 20s brings ♥️ 

Thank you for being here and being a part of this journey. I know that this year is bringing big changes to my business and how I serve my clients, one of them is bringing this profound work of deep remembering which I have personally been experiencing for the last year and a half. 

For the person who is ready to feel the beautiful expanse of all that life has to offer, who’s ready to feel more deeply, more connected, who is ready to feel alive and turned on by life. For the person who is ready to face the things that are standing in the way of unveiling their most radiant self. For the person who is ready to come back home to themselves and cultivate a deep sense of love within themselves that transfers to their relationships. 

This is for you. 

I have 3 1:1 intimacy and connection coaching spots available for the person who is ready to rise from the ashes and be transformed. Just fill out the intake form below and we’ll schedule a discovery call to get started!

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