Check out our financing options

We understand that this experience is an investment, arguably one of the best and most transformative ways to honor yourself is by booking your boudoir experience. 

We don’t want money to be the thing holding you back from saying yes to fully loving yourself and cocreating artwork that will serve as a timeless testament to how worthy you are. 

We have curated multiple financing options for you to use before and after your boudoir session so that you get everything you desire, stress free! 

Pittsburgh Boudoir

Pre Payment

We require a $1500 minimum investment prior to your experience, which can be split up prior to your session.

 When you pre pay for our pre pay credit tiers starting at $2500, you can begin to unlock bonus sets, outfits, and additional products for no additional charge. Some clients end up getting $1000 in free upgrades! 

Not only do you get access to our favorite experience upgrades, you also have the bulk of your products taken care of. Most clients do end up adding more once they see their artwork, but we’ll let you make that decision 😉

During your session planning consultation we’ll go over your options together to figure out the best option for you. 

Some of our bonus options include:
Fine Art Nudes
Couples Session for the future
Outdoor session for the future
Hollywood Robes
Diamond Cover for Album
Extra outfit
Ice block or retro viewfinder
Mobile app with purchased images

Post Payment

While we don’t offer any in house post payment plan options, we do offer multiple financing options with some our trusted partners. This allows you to get everything you’ve dreamed about from your boudoir session and still make payments after your experience has ended.  Check your eligibility with our financing partners below so we know what options are available to you.


Synchrony offers up to 12 months 0% financing based on eligibility. This is the longest post payment option we currently have available to our customers.

Get no interest when payed in full in 6 months with PayPal Credit! 

We also offer AfterPay through square which offers 4 interest free payments.

We’re happy to find a way to make this work for you, so let’s chat about your options if you have questions.